The Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Multi-Donor Trust Fund

Led by the Government of Nepal, the Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program is working to rebuild and restore housing in the 14 targeted districts most affected by the earthquake disaster by providing a grant subsidy and technical support to assist poor and needy households while improving long-term disaster resilience.  

The Multi-Donor trust fund  is supporting the Government of Nepal’s rural housing reconstruction efforts by co-financing the World Bank’s Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project (WB EHRP), which will contribute to the restoration of around 10% of the total housing reconstruction needs in Nepal while providing the technical framework for the entire government housing reconstruction program.

As of today, the Nepal's Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program has completed three of its five stages of  implementation: 1) Survey, 2) Identification and Validation, and 3) Enrollment.  According to Nepal's National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), as of January 2017, 41,311 houses have been rebuilt and 28,198 are currently under construction.

To learn more about the Program's overall progress and achievements, please access the Annual Report for the Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program (July 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016) and the latest Program Update.  Bellow a summary of the latest data of some of the key program's indicators:


Source: Government of Nepal. National Reconstruction Authority