Who does what

Enrollment Process. Photo credit: World Bank

The Government of Nepal's Housing Reconstruction Program is an owner-driven program which is supported through community mobilization, training, technical assistance and a uniform grant for affected households.  Under the leadership of  the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the program's implementation structure has both, flexibility as well as regular monitoring and evaluation to ensure that implementation is responsive to the needs of beneficiaries.

  • Overall, the NRA is responsible for policy guidance, coordination, and oversight of the government’s housing reconstruction program.
  • The Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) and the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MOFALD) are executing ministries.
  • Within the National Reconstruction Authority, a Program Management Unit coordinates and oversees implementation of program activities and the reconstruction process.
  • MOFALD and MOUD have established and staffed the Central-Level Project Implementation Units (CL-PIU) in Kathmandu.
  • The MOFALD CL-PIU is responsible for facilitating payments of housing grants and logging grievances.
  • The MOUD CL-PIU is responsible for defining housing standards and designs, revising and approving training, and coordinating technical assistance across the program.
  • MOFALD and MOUD have also established and staffed the District-Level Project Implementation Units (DL-PIU) in all 14 districts.
  • The responsibility of the DL-PIUs is to implement activities in their corresponding CL-PIU (central level) mandates at the district level.


Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program Implementation Structure