Testimonial from an EHRP Beneficiary -- Rukmedi Adhikari -- from Thansing, Nuwakot District

“Our house collapsed completely when the earthquake struck. The paddy and corn was inside the house. The reason why we have started building the house now is that they are giving us NRs. 2 lakhs (NRs. 200,000). Once we started, we thought it better to build a concrete house. I started it as I thought it would be better to take loan and invest in a concrete house rather than the one with the old structure.

I am happy that I am receiving the money. Last year, it was not sure that we would be getting the money but this year, it seems that we will receive it. Hopefully, the new house will be able to protect us from the earthquake.

I didn’t have a bank account before. The Village Development Committee (VDC) Secretary had come and they advised us that the money will be deposited in a bank account. I think it’s better if the money gets deposited in the bank account. That way, I think I won’t spend that money for other household items. I think I won’t be able to save the money if the money is given to me in cash.

The engineers have helped us build the house. I think everyone is happy that they are receiving the money to build their houses. There are people who are building with just that amount. There are others who are putting in extra money of their own and there are those who are putting a lot more of their own money to build their houses. I think they all are happy that they are receiving the money. As for me, it is very difficult to get by. The children have to be educated but no matter how hard it is, having a house is essential and therefore I have taken on this task. The house was all damaged and we couldn’t live there anymore. We couldn’t even take the food from inside the house. We had to bulldoze the house and we lived in our relative’s house after that.

This temporary house that we are staying in now was built by volunteers who came from Kathmandu after hearing about our situation. They built it in a day and left.”