How are the houses being rebuilt?

Through housing reconstruction and technical support, the Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program is building back better throughout Nepal, and is strengthening the government’s ability to improve long-term disaster resilience in the country.

Overall, the goal of the reconstruction process is to ensure that the housing stock destroyed in the most-affected districts of the country will be rebuilt using earthquake-safer building techniques to minimize the risk of damage in a future natural disaster event (flood/landslide/earthquake).

The program also seeks to equip beneficiaries with skills to construct earthquake-safer core housing units supported by training, technical support and a subsidy program, and to allow for incremental construction with improved practices.

The Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program is being carried out through an owner-driven approach supported by: (1) training for beneficiaries and masons in earthquake-safer techniques; (2) a cash subsidy of NPR 300,000 for program beneficiaries provided in three tranches based on proper completion of various stages in compliance with the Reconstruction Guidelines;  (3) socio-technical assistance facilitation; (4) community mobilization to support beneficiaries with the different stages of reconstruction; and (5) final inspection of completed houses and certification of resilient construction.

 The EHRP's support to beneficiaries during housing reconstruction includes:

NEHRP: Support to Beneficieries during Housing Reconstruction