In Brief: Enrollment Process Pilot is Successful

Progress on Enrollment and Subsidy Payments

March 2016. The Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program conducted a pilot of the Program's enrollment process in Singati Bazaar, Dolakha District, a rural district severely affected by the earthquakes of 2015. Through this pilot, 600 households in Lamidanda and Laduk Village District Communities (VDCs) were successfully enrolled in the EHRP. The villages were informed of the registration date and time through telephone and social media. According to beneficiaries and staff involved in the pilot, the enrollment process went relatively smoothly and considered successful.

Given that this was the first pilot of the enrollment process, the international NGOs staff and Government of Nepal officials involved carefully gathered information throughout the pilot process of what policies, guidelines and procedures could be changed or adjusted to improve the process. A World Bank mission to Singati Bazaar was also conducted in March during the pilot program to assess the enrollment process. The mission also offered concrete recommendations in specific areas such as branchless banking, corruption risk, staffing, NGO collaboration, the grievance redress mechanism, among others, to help strengthen the process before going to scale