Program Update: Household Damage Survey Completed

Household Damage Survey Completed

July 4, 2016. The survey of houses destroyed and/or damaged in the earthquake disaster of 2015 has been completed. A total of 717,343 housing structures were surveyed; and of these, approximately 533,300 households were identified as qualifying as beneficiaries for the Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program’s housing subsidy.

The total subsidy of NPRs 200,000 (approximately US$2,000) will be distributed in three tranches in accordance with achieved building milestones. In addition to providing a cash grant and technical support to the neediest households (many of which are female-headed), the EHRP is providing a coordinating framework for housing reconstruction throughout Nepal to promote earthquake-safer construction for all housing reconstruction regardless of the funding source.

The numbers of beneficiaries formally enrolled in the EHRP has been rising at an increasing pace since enrollment was launched in March 2016.

Of the more than 533,000 beneficiaries identified in the household damage survey, 40% (213,304 households) are officially enrolled in the Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program and are on their way to receiving a housing grant and technical support.

Progress on a weekly basis is picking up steam and over 2000 new beneficiaries are being enrolled each week.

At this juncture, about 11% of enrolled beneficiaries (23,648) have received the first tranche of their housing subsidy. New beneficiaries are receiving their first tranche of the housing grant at an ever increasing rate. Each week, between 4,000 and 5,000 new beneficiaries will receive their first tranche.