NRA Directed the Conservation of Open Spaces in Kathmandu Valley and the Preservation of the Valley’s Ancient, Indigenous Settlements

May 7, 2017.   The National Reconstruction Authority has directed the respective ministries to arrange and manage open spaces in the Kathmandu as a precaution for future natural calamities.

The Authority has directed the ministries not to sell or lease public or government land to the private, governmental and non-governmental sectors. The Authority's decision also urged the implementation of an earlier decision taken by the Government of Nepal on this issue.

On March 12, 2013, the Government of Nepal identified and declared 68 sites as "open spaces for effective humanitarian support, proper security, coordination and response." The spaces are located in the following districts: 19 in Lalitpur, 30 in Kathmandu and 19 in Bhaktapur.

In addition, the NRA has formed a working committee to study and recommend ways to preserve and manage Kathmandu’s ancient, indigenous settlements preserving  heritage sites.

NRA executive committee members, Dhruba Prasad Sharma and Dr. Hariram Parajuli, are coordinating with the working committee and have been entrusted with the task of carrying out the necessary study.

The authority, upon the recommendation of experts, has issued directives to retrofit the archeological heritage sites and historic monuments to preserve the age-old craft. Since the reconstruction process of historic monuments will take time, for now the NRA has asked the respective departments to protect the monuments from environmental influences to avoid further damage.

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