Kathmandu, May 29: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has prepared criteria for risk reduction of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) while undertaking post-earthquake reconstruction works. The NRA’s Executive Committee meeting today approved the criteria.

The criteria has been set for work station management, construction material supply, work management of human resources, local administration, local government and the role of other stakeholders while undertaking reconstruction of private houses, health institutions, educational institutions and archeological heritages.

Chief Executive Officer of the NRA Sushil Gyewali said that it would now be easier to undertake reconstruction works with the risk reduction criteria.

As per the criteria, the concerned construction company or users’ committee should hire workers from the local settlement, ward, local municipality or rural municipally and district as far as possible while carrying out reconstruction works. They will have to coordinate with the ward office of the local government if they need to hire workers from outside the local municipalities.

Similarly, arrangements need to be made to ensure that workers do not have symptoms of coronavirus after going through the local test center before hiring them, keep records of their health status, arrange temporary living space for workers at the work station or an appropriate place nearby and ensure that the workers do not venture out of the work stations without the supervisor’s permission.

The criteria has mentioned that before hiring the workers, the construction company or users’ committee should educate the workers about ways to remain safe from getting infected with coronavirus, how the virus is transmitted, symptoms of the disease and necessary steps needed to be taken to prevent and control the transmission.

The company or users’ committee should also provide workers with a washing station with water and soap, face mask and thermometer (availability of thermo gun in case of more than 10 workers), maintain minimum social and physical distance and provide separate bottles, water containers to each worker.

The construction of private houses should be started only after informing the local ward office and getting its suggestions. The local workers should be hired as far as possible. If the house owner has to hire workers from outside, s/he will have to take recommendation from the local government and request the District Level Project Implementation Unit (DLPIU) for facilitation. The construction site must have water and soap for washing, mask, toilet and maintain hygiene.

Similarly, criteria has been set for food supply, wage payment, vigilance in case of infection, supply management of construction material, office and meeting management, coordination, facilitation and monitoring.

The NRA has said that these criteria need to be adopted by all the concerned stakeholders whether there is a lockdown or not.

The Council of Ministers in its meeting on May 6 had decided to resume all development activities after adopting various criteria of health security.

(Source: National Reconstruction Authority)