Donor News: USAID continues its long-term recovery efforts in Nepal

Donor News: USAID

April 25, 2016. Within hours of the earthquake​, USAID deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to coordinate the U.S. government’s response efforts, conduct disaster assessments, and provide search and rescue capabilities. The US immediate humanitarian response included search and rescue deployments, emergency shelter, drinking water, food aid, and support to protect survivors against gender-based violence and human trafficking.

Since the earthquakes, the U.S. Government through USAID has continued its long-term recovery efforts in housing and infrastructure; livelihoods and food security; health, water and sanitation; good governance; and the prevention and protection of vulnerable populations against gender-based violence and trafficking in persons. Highlights of these efforts’ impacts include:

  • Training more than 900 masons and engineers and orienting 800 households on safer building designs; funding the construction of 1,000 temporary learning centers to keep children in school; and supporting more than 33,000 households with grain storage, tools, and agricultural training to restart farm operations.
  • Expanded its gold standard “Suaahara” maternal and child health nutrition project. USAID has screened 84,000 children under five and treated 3,000 people for malnutrition, and has counseled 40,000 mothers on best nutrition practices.
  • Supported the establishment of over 1,000 temporary learning centers (link is external) to serve more than 148,000 children and provide learning and school supplies to 195,000 children.
  • Expanded the “Cereal Systems Initiative in South Asia” project which has provided over 33,000 households with grain storage, tools, and agricultural training to restart farms.

To learn more about the US relief and reconstruction efforts in Nepal access the full News Release (courtesy of USAID). To find more information about USAID’s development assistance to Nepal, visit USAID’s Nepal Country Page