Led by the Government of Nepal, the Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program is working to rebuild and restore housing in the 14 targeted districts most affected by the earthquake disaster by providing a grant subsidy and technical support to assist poor and needy households while improving long-term disaster resilience.  


Under the leadership of the Government, Nepal is taking steps in the right direction to carry out a successful housing recovery process and to build back better. The Nepal's Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program  is moving forward at steady pace and has reached important milestones.  

Nepal suffered 2 major earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks in April & May 2015. The earthquake sequence destroyed some 490,000 houses and rendered another 265,000 houses uninhabitable.




Where do we stand today

March 29, 2017. The private housing reconstruction process continues at a steady pace in the 14 most affected districts. The distribution of the third tranche has began in some districts and the Government of Nepal, has also announced that the distribution of first tranche in the 17 less affected districts will start in mid April.

January 31, 2017. The Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program is advancing at steady pace. As of today, the program has completed three of the five stages of implementation: 1) Survey, 2) Identification and Validation, and 3) Enrollment. According to the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), as of January 2017, 41,311 houses have been rebuilt and 28,198 are currently under construction.

September 8, 2016. The Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program continues to move forward on numerous fronts. Approximately 80% of eligible beneficiaries are enrolled in the program and around 76% of enrolled beneficiaries have received the 1st tranche of housing cash grant.

What's New

April 04, 2017. According to the National Reconstruction Authority, the distribution of the first tranche of the Private Housing Reconstruction Grant to the 17 less-affected districts started on April 2017 in Kaski District. Dr. Pokharel also informed that the grant distribution to the other 16…

January 12, 2017. The Steering Committee of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) recently approved the increase of the housing reconstruction grants to Rs.300,000 (about USD3000). The Committee also decided that Rs.25,000 from the third installment must be mandatorily used to build…

January 12, 2017. The Government of Nepal has recently appointed Dr. Govinda Raj Pokharel as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA). The new CEO assumed duties in January 2017.

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